Mostly the fabrics produced are Single jersey , RIB , Interlock and Pique. We cater to the requirements of weavers and knitters not only in Thailand, also all other countries.

Accordingly, with our technical expertise and marketing skills of over 20 years, we source the knitting and weaving yarns which are costwise competitive and of better quality than any other suppliers. Average volume of yarn sales per month, we are dealing with is around 800 tons of per month. Our brand for synthetic yarn and blends is GSCTEX. And 100% cotton yarn is branded as COTTON PACIFIC.

GSCTEX is one of the biggest supplier of raw materials of Cotton yarn and Synthetic yarn. Our special cotton fiber for OE is branded as COTTON FUSION which ensures 10%-15% raw material cost saving for OE spinners. Introduction of our brand POLY FUSION has brought approximately 20% raw material cost saving in the sector of mélange yarn spinning.

Besides, we fulfill the need of raw cotton as well as cotton wastes like Gin motes, Comber noil, Licker in, Blowroom droppings, Flat wastes, Card fly, Rove wastes, Pneumafil wastes for Ring and Open End spinners.

For the segment of Recycle yarn spinning, also we have dexterity in what type of shoddy(desfibered) and PSF would make the yarn the spinners want to make exactly. We supply in line with that. Here, in terms of raw cotton we supply 1,500 tons per month and other all wastes of approximate 2,500 tons in domestic and international markets.

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