Product Description

100% Cotton (Combed & Carded): Ne16-40
100% Rayon: Ne16-60
100% Polyester: Ne16-60
100% Acrylic & Acrylic Blend: Ne16-40
T/R: Ne16-60
T/C (Combed & Carded), CVC: Ne16-45
Thermolite upto Ne 30’s
Coolmax upto Ne 30’s & 40’s
Modal/Cotton upto Ne 40’s

2 ply of 100 % Cotton, Rayon, Poly & All Blends of Single Count Range of Ne 10’s to Ne60’s

Jumbo TFO :
2 to 6 ply of Mainly Cotton & others /blends of Single Count Range of Ne 5’s to Ne 14’s


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